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"She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain"
-Louisa May Alcott (1873)
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"How’s your career going, friend? Are you finding that your expensive education is paying off for you, or are you having a hard time paying it off? Did you land a job in your field of study, and if you did have you still got it? Times are hard. Have you considered a vocation as a kidnapper? Perhaps you should.”

Hope THE PROFESSIONALS doesn’t *really* inspire any of you to become kidnappers - thought it is a wonderful read!

(via Pro-Am - Barnes & Noble Book Clubs)

Exciting day in Putnam & Riverhead land! Not only are JD Robb and Alex Berenson on sale today, along with the Masha Gessen exclusive on Putin in Newsweek, but the order Mary and I placed last week for our Hunter Books has arrived! Bring on the rain.

Love this. Changing my job title to be “Putnam/Riverhead Ninja Cowgirl!”




This meta, recursive dip into memeland was inspired by Quirk Books’ brilliant one for book publishing. If our stock photo archive had a shot that better evoked a ninja cowgirl at a computer, we would have used that for “What I think I do” because who doesn’t like to think of themselves as some kind of roguish outlaw ruling the wild wild interwebs? Instead, you get a vacant-eyed, Vishnu-esque multitasker. So, uh, enjoy.

if we’re dropping what-i-actually-do truths here, our marketing departments are solely made up of ninjas. (proof.)