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Does everyone have that cool aunt & uncle, who always treated you like an adult way before the rest of your extended family, and turn away at family reunions when you and your cousins smuggle wine coolers from the fridge? Or if necessary, share access to their exclusive vodka collection during a wedding shower, perhaps?

Well my token cool aunt and uncle are not only wine connoisseurs, but manage to stay pretty informed on the more gourmet side of life all the way in Cleveland, OH (they even have sushi there! And a Top Chef restaurant!). Their most recent share is the “2012 Grilled Cheese Recipe Contest” - and for that, you all should thank them as I’m now sharing with you.

Behold 30 recipes of  tantalizing, cheesy goodness. As my aunt says: ” I am going to need to try one or three or twelve of these…”

Personally, I plan to start with #21, The Dominique. I think I’m drooling.

Feast away!

(via The Dominique | Grilled Cheese Academy)

Is it wrong that this makes me hungry?


Abe Lincoln carved out of cheese.

(via IMG_4831 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)