Social Calendar, by color

I love my girlfriends.

Email received at 10:54am:


Last night was not good.  No one knew what was going on!  No one knew where to go and when and people missed out on burgers (aka Burger Club).  As you may recall, I set up a shared calendar ‘let’s be social’ several months back.  Let’s use it.  You will be receiving a new invitation to join the calendar shortly.  I have added most of the events I currently know about but please feel free to add!

Color Coding

Light Pink = an event (day or night drinking), an event that is limited to less than 24 hours

Aqua = a trip you are going on with other ppl on the shared calendar (i.e. Ali and I going to coachella)

blue = a trip you are taking outside of the group, you can put this on the cal so ppl know you are gone and sadly not available

light green = visitor in town (i.e. the Hirt fam is currently visiting)

got it?  good - there is nothing worse than someone messing up a color-coded calendar!  If you have any other categories please let me know and I will assign a color :)

Feel free to invite ppl to the calendar but lets not go crazy - a calendar with 40 ppl is less fun than a calendar with 10.

Sorry to be so bossy but someone has to step up and organize :)

Love you all!